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WARNING: Created by clever humans, not AI robots.

For Creators who know their content

The modern Content Creator is busier than ever. To stay competitive, they need to create more content, more often, on more platforms.

ContentFlame provides proven content templates that can be edited fast and allows creators to control their message.

See why 500+ Creators rave about ContentFlame.

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14 advantages over AI Writing Tools

AI Writing Tools
TimeComplete in minutesSpend hours correcting robot errors
QualityHigh QualityLow Quality
ConscienceEthical contentStealing content
CostApprox 0.0048c per wordBecomes super expensive
ContextHuman craftedRobot doesn't understand context
StructureLogical flowDisconnected ideas
EditingUse your own favourite writing toolClunky AI editor writing experience
DifficultyMaster immediatelySteep learning curve
CurrentCreate up to date contentRobot scrapes outdated sources
FactsControl your factsSpend hours fact checking
LearningEasy from the startAdvanced training required
UsabilityDirectly fill proven templateTedious to write instructions for Robot
LanguageAuthentic English structure & expressionEnglish sounds irregular and weird
TrustMethod proven over decadesBuilt on hype, FOMO and false expectations

Already 500+ Creators love it!

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How often do you add new files?

We aim to add at least 10 new files every month. If you have a Full Access Membership, these ae automaticaly added to your library.

We will also add new free files every month too!

Will you add new content types?

Yes! We are already planning new content types to be added.

If you have a request / idea for a content type - please get in touch.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Absoutely! You can cancel within your dashboard.

Is English the only language?

For now we only supply content in English. Our roadmap includes templates in 50+ languages.

Are there plagiarism issues using templates?

Our templates are designed to guide your content creation process. They have been setup in a way that content cannot be plagarised as the author needs to fill the gaps uniquely.

We have had no reports of plagiarism. It is always best to check with Copyscape.

Can I use the same template multiple times?

Yes! You can produce different posts on different topics and use the same template.

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